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Self-service banking kiosks are a step towards achieving Branch automation. The banking industry, over time, has transformed and moved towards providing omnichannel solutions to its customers. One such platform is kiosk banking. Self-service kiosks provide customers with an integrated and interactive channel to undertake varied teller transactions, such as cheque deposits, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, and account opening.

Self Service Banking solutions seamlessly deliver various services, putting convenience at the center of your customers’ experience. Banking kiosks have made recurring transactions more comfortable, faster, and simpler whilst maintaining physical customer engagement...

Today, a large number of manufacturers provide banking kiosks in India. Kiosk banking is a hassle-free way to offer banking services, enabling tellers to free themselves from routine transactions. The kiosks designed and manufactured by us provide versatile functions, while being highly intuitive for comfortable usability. These self-service kiosks integrate with the bank’s core system, enabling users to carry out many teller tractions beyond banking hours.

From depositing cash in your account to transferring fundings— a variety of transactions can be easily carried out via kiosk banking. Lipi Data is one of the top three Indian IT peripheral industry leaders. We believe in collaboration for a better future. Our integrated services and manufacturing of core industry products make us one of India’s most advanced solution providers for banking kiosks.

The synthesis of banking technology and customer service via kiosks has revolutionized the world and made it easier for financial institutions to deliver a dynamic range of services at more efficient cost points. At Lipi Data, we believe in designing unique products that transform branch operations.

Lipi Data: A Trusted Self-service Terminal Manufacturer

Lipi Data is responsible for designing and delivering a wide range of banking terminals for enhancing the functionality of financial institutions more reliably and safely. Our highly interactive and durable terminals allow for customer engagement to be pushed to newer limits.

Lipi is a company that believes in effectively creating a kiosk solution that enhances people’s experience and helps clients’ businesses grow faster. Our state-of-the-art design and operations center and advanced service network coverage of over 200 locations in India make for an unbeatable combination.

Self-Service terminals by Lipi, designed for various bank branches, ensure higher client satisfaction, less operational costs, and increase internal efficiencies. They act as intelligent customer touchpoints.

While there are plenty of manufacturers, Lipi Data is a pioneer in the field as it has built a reputation for delivering quality banking kiosks. We are positioned as a leading solution provider of technology for kiosk banking in India. Our advanced technology and the team of seasoned professionals in addition to leading software partners, offer easy financial transactions, enabling your banking outlets to be more customer-centric.

Unique Features of the Lipi Kiosk Banking Terminal

High efficiency

Our banking kiosks have significantly streamlined internal branch processes and made financial services like account opening, money transfer, cheque deposit, etc., more efficient. Deploying these terminals enables banking employees to focus on more complex transactions.

Reduced expenses

Teller expenses also have reduced to a great extent in many bank branches that have installed banking kiosks. Customers can easily avail themselves of the self-service banking channel, freeing staff from dealing with traditional transactions.

High foot traffic

Consumers now find it easy and convenient to use a kiosk rather than waiting in a long queue for a teller. They are no longer deterred by long lines at the counter and can visit eLobbies after banking hours to conduct simple account operations.

Better informed customers

Our banking kiosks let you update your customers about latest products and services. They allow customers to easily browse entire products and services catalog at their convenience. Kiosk banking has proven to be an excellent physical customer service point.

Better customer experience

Kiosks augment various financial services such as opening a bank account, checking account balance, and filling application forms to include other kinds of banking services. Kiosk banking leads to happy and satisfied customers as it offers high-tech personal interactions and an enhanced user experience.

As a customer service point, kiosk banking facilitates almost all banking transactions which is why it is now gaining importance due to increased digitalization. These endpoints play a critical role in binding the digital world to the physical one and form a vital part of a banker’s arsenal to ensure customer retention.

Benefits of Self-service Terminals in Banking

Kiosk banking terminals are not only beneficial for users but also financial institutions.
Deployed correctly, self-service banking kiosks can improve operational efficiency. Some of its benefits are:

Saves Time

Kiosk banking in India has reduced the burden of routine and minor transactions. It saves a lot of time and, in a way, provides customers with full control over their everyday account-related affairs. One of the most crucial benefits of kiosk banking is that you need not be a tech-savvy individual. These machines are intuitive and transact seamlessly.

Advanced High-value Transactions

With a load of everyday transactions like cheque deposit, passbook updating, cash withdrawal having been transferred to the self-service channel, banking staff can focus on complex undertakings like investments, financial planning, car loans, mortgages, etc.

Universal Bank Model

A branch augmented with kiosks allows the bank to transition from teller mode to a universal banker model. It enhances the capacity and the work power of tellers -as they can multitask effectively. Universal bankers could tellers, financial consultants and a loan officer -all at the same time.

Higher Value Sales

Kiosk banking helps transform the financial services of your company while adopting a more customer-centric approach. By freeing time to meet the customer and increasing involvement in more complex transactions, the kiosk banking terminals allow tellers to cross-sell, up-sell as well as promote their banks’ products and services.

Customer Satisfaction

Kiosk banking has made life convenient for customers -as they can transact quickly, without external intervention. In a way, it empowers the branch staff to deliver services to more customers, faster. Whether it is a deposit in one’s bank account or another branch account, banking kiosks make processes more efficient.


Lipi Data is one of the most advanced self-service terminal manufacturers in India as we are known for delivering uniquely designed products and services that enhance user experience. Our self-service terminals have enabled quicker and safer transactions with less manual intervention.


A self-service kiosk can be defined as a user-friendly device for undertaking various financial transactions. It could be a screen device -fixed to display information or facilitate an action. E.g., a self-service kiosk can be used at an airport to allow people to check-in without standing in long queues or in a supermarket for customer-led self-checkouts.
A bank kiosk is a service appointed by a bank that allows customers to easily undertake everyday financial affairs like getting bank details, cheque deposits, account or company deposits without a teller’s intervention.
Self-service kiosks have a host of implementations . With reduced queues and easy functionality, self-service kiosks are critical endpoints that bridge physical and digital banking.
self-service terminals contain a host of features -including cash deposit, cheque deposit, passbook updation etc. Customers can access these touchpoints at their convenience, beyond banking hours, and securely undertake their desired transactions.
It is an account opened by individuals from low-income groups that require zero balance maintenance. One can open this account with any kiosk-branch associated with a particular bank. It is restricted only to poor people, and the maximum amount that can be kept is 50000/-.

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