Self-Checkout Kiosks for Retail

Self-Checkout Kiosk: An Introduction

Self-Checkout Kiosks, also known as assisted checkouts (ACOs) enable customers to carry out their transactions with a retailer without the need for a traditional staffed checkout. SCOs, enable customers to easily scan item barcodes before paying, without one-to-one staff assistance. Especially prevalent in supermarkets, SCOs are not uncommon in department or convenience stores either. Self-Checkout Kiosks enable customers to experience a consistent, contactless retailing experience delivering both, an enhanced point of sale and increased operational efficiencies...

Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel Retail is a type of multi-channel sales approach that unifies customer experience through a multitude of avenues. As the number of touchpoints increases, so does the need for smooth integration between these touchpoints. Creating a cohesive customer experience is at the centre of all omnichannel retail strategies. Retail Self-Checkout terminals bridge this digital and physical experience forming a critical component of multichannel retail.

Retailers who take the omnichannel approach have shown steady growth in their sales. Adopting an omnichannel approach is no longer even a question. Retailers in every sector need to incorporate some form of online sales and fulfilment into their business model.

Omnichannel Retailing: Role of Self-Checkout Kiosks

Long lines are a definite deterrent for customers in a physical store. However, with Self-Checkout terminals businesses can empower the customer to gain more control over their transactions allowing for a quicker transactions.

As data collecting touchpoints, these terminals can capture and develop detailed insights into customer behavioural patterns, thereby optimizing store efficiencies to a whole new level. Today, delivering a hyper-personalized user experience has become an essential aspect of building brand value. Across varying consumer personas, these terminals enable retailers to engage with and target each, differently.

Features of a Self-Checkout Kiosk

The benefits Self-Checkout terminals are numerous. They include:

  • Minimal human staff is required to serve customers resulting in resource savings for the business.
  • Staff is rendered free for focusing on enhanced customer service.
  • Reduced wait time for customers, which also minimizes stress for the remaining counter-staff.
  • An enhanced customer experience that gives the end-user complete control over their transactions within the store.
  • Offering multiple functions such as - printing tickets and generating additional revenue through upsells and advertising.

Lipi Data’s Retail Solution

Lipi Data Systems has indigenously created one of the widest self-service product ranges for pharmacies, hospitals, movie theatres, and quick service (QS) restaurants. Many of these solutions are now standard at several points of sale.

Self-service is usually the foremost solution that helps retailers and restaurants to increase transaction volumes while keeping their operating costs in check. Our solutions have helped smoothen our clients' operations and grow their businesses faster than usual.

Our Digital Signage Solutions, as well as Electronic Shelf Displays are also very effective for clients with high footfalls. These communicate an array of messages, including promotional messages and navigational information, providing an enhanced customer experience. While our Digital Signage Solutions enhance storefronts our printing solutions make back-end operations seamless. Lipi’s Barcode Printers and Handheld computers boost productivity by ensuring maximum inventory visibility, while our POS and mobile printers assist with faster checkouts.

Together, these solutions help our clients improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Our Self-checkout solutions are powerful, versatile, and easy to deploy. They run on standard hardware and easily integrate with your existing systems.

We have successfully enabled digital transformation that connect our clients’ back-office operations to the front end & everything in between. Our technology propels customer delight anytime, anywhere.

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