Thermal Transfer Printers

Printers & Scanners

Lipi offers TSC and Bixilon’s range of Thermal Printers to ensure the quality and reliability of your operations. These high speed, lightweight and compact devices carry various interface connectivity options allowing for easy integration with new and legacy systems. This flexibility enables easy setup and usage across industries, ensuring your print needs are met wherever and whenever you want.

TSC TE200 Series

6ips Print Speed, Entry Level Printer

TSC TTP-247 Series

7ips Print Speed, Mid Level Printer

TSC MB240 Series

10ips Print Speed, Entry Level Industrial Printer

TSC MH240 Series

14ips Print Speed, Mid Level Industrial Printer

TSC TTP-2610MT Series

12ips Print Speed, High End Industrial Printer

TSC TTP-286MT Series

6ips Print Speed, High End Industrial Printer