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Lipi provides a wide range of ‘HID FARGO’ Card printing products and solutions for businesses, schools, and local governments that need a reliable means of printing. This is a robust, high-performance card printing solution inclusive of powerful ID card software for card design, data management and card production, enabling security and flexibility.


The fastest ID card printer in its class,produces full-colour, secure ID cards and badges on-demand.


Innovative ID Card Printing that combines low-cost,high-capacity consumables with a comprehensive feature set.


Highly secure,high-efficiency card printing solution for producing virtually forgery-resistant ID cards and badges.


All-in-one DTC printing and waste-less lamination solution


300 dpi high resolution printer superior quality,high durable ID cards


New! Fast and feature-rich, the HID FARGO HDP6600 sets the new customer demanded standard in re-transfer printing.


Superior industrial-class ID card printer for extended-run, high throughput ID issuance