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We are living in an era where technology and human resources work in tandem. A balanced amalgamation of technology and human needs is the only way to work efficiently. Every individual works hard towards sustaining the knowledge they have gained over the years- implementing it in their daily work however, it is far-fetched to expect the same amount of speed and efficiency not just constantly but progressively because, ultimately, we are all human beings and not machines. Printer manufactures have revolutionized big and small industries from retailing to manufacturing, printing ensures a smooth running of operations through efficient documentation and lucrative commercialization.

Be it a simplified set-up or performance-scaling, printers have become the invisible hand guiding many industries. From pharmaceuticals to educational institutions; it has been a critically functioning element in uplifting performance. With such a significant involvement in every sector, printers must work flawlessly and efficiently- regardless of the hours, they are run for...

At Lipi Data, we design to deliver printers that are not just mere devices but tools of co-creation. -providing you with a fantastic experience and quality results in no time. Unlike other brands, we believe in letting our design ingenuity speak for itself.

Types of Printers Offered by Lipi Data

Lipi Data offers the broadest range of high-quality performance printers to provide end-to-end solutions. From Industrial Barcode printers to Line Matrix printers, each device from our range of printing solutions is designed to promote efficiency. Lipi Data is a leading printer manufacturer in India, which delivers performance printing to every sector by providing simple but effective solutions.

High-Speed Dot Matrix Printers

High-Speed Dot Matrix printers breakthrough all stereotypes of limited and high-cost printing. Dot-matrix printers are known for their high durability and low-cost printing. Commonly used for printing carbon copies, Owing to their unique design, these are one of the most supplied printers within the industry.

Passbook Printers

As the name suggests, passbook printers are specially designed for printing and updating passbooks in banks. These printers are ideal for all types of passbook printing -enabling easy connectivity with other devices. Featuring automatic document alignment, these printers are equipped with a user-friendly interface, which provides high-performance per-print.

Direct Thermal Printers

Direct Thermal printers are the device in every printer manufacturer’s range, which allows users to move and print anywhere and anytime. The compact and portable design of these printers eases work and helps save time. Every design specimen of these printers is focused on providing a lightweight and high-speed printing experience. Thermal printers are preferred for creating labels, barcodes, safety signs, etc.

Barcode Printers

Industrial barcode printers are a critical component in advancing inventory maintenance. These printers feature under thermal printers but are specially designed for printing barcodes. With the ability to provide a unique identification to every product, this device has facilitated product management across all industries. Barcode printer manufacturers aim to deliver the most efficient and high-performance technology to every sector. These printers are used for printing barcode labels or tags, as well as objects.

Smart Card Printers

Whether it's smart currency or identification proof, most personal or legal documentation is card-based. Smart card printers are available in differing variants for printing cards. Each variant is designed to provide inclusive solutions to institutions like government bodies, educational agencies, etc.

Line Matrix Printers

Line Matrix Printers are manufactured to grow evolving businesses. They are equipped with the ability to print multiple copies at a time, featuring high speed and quality printing. These heavy-duty printers are known for their low-cost printing abilities and durability. Each design is critical and mission-oriented - maximizing flexibility in printing operations. These printers excel in heavy-duty printing. They are primarily preferred by companies that require high-capacity printing daily.

Reason to choose Lipi Data for Industrial Barcode Printers in India

Unlike other barcode printer offerings, Lipi Data offers rugged Industrial barcode printers with various paper widths, speeds, and resolutions with a host of features for labeling applications. At Lipi Data, we serve your business needs while ensuring smoother operations. Featuring design versatility, our barcode printers are easily accessible and adapt to any environment. Industrial barcode printers are an exceptional example for advancing the tedious labeling processes and providing a detailed listing of products conveniently. Creating a unique database inventory has significantly helped reduce redundancy.

Performance-enhancing Software

Every printer supplier claims to give a machine that prints well, but Lipi Data’s barcode printers outperform printing tasks while enhancing operations. The built-in software enables improvised and structured printing -a primary requirement for every user.

Autonomous and Remote Management

Industrialized barcode printers help save ample time with their autonomous and remote management feature. This feature upgrades the level of printing while reducing additional related burdens.

Hassle-free Operations

Featuring a significant and straightforward design, Lipi Data focuses on providing user-friendly barcode printers. These printers offer durability with simple and structured connectivity to other devices.

Customisable Apps

The reason behind Lipi Data’s top spot among printer manufacturers and suppliers in India is mainly due to our devices’ inbuilt app feature. Due to the addition of a customizable app feature, these printers increase work intensity.


Lipi Data designs devices that have consistently increased productivity. Our entire range of printers enables uncompromised service featuring high accuracy and portability. Choose perfection by upgrading your regular printer with our advanced range of Industrialized Barcode printers. If you're looking for the best printer suppliers in India, Lipi Data is where your search ends.


Barcode printers are devices that are mainly designed to print unique and valid barcodes for your products. These barcode printers need to be connected with the company’s server for better and enhanced results. They be are easily accessible and provide a big help towards in managing products.
There can be numerous reasons why barcode printers are highly preferred in most industries. But one of the prominent ones is that these poperating these devices can be a worthwhile experience. These printers not only excel in working efficiently but also uplift work management within every sector. From small retailers to mega-companies, barcode printers have transformed work processess with their conventional design.
There are a wide variety of printers made available by printer suppliers for industrial purposes. Before selecting the right printer for your industry, it is crucial to note down the requirements first. Once you get a clear picture of the company’s listed conditions, you can easily choose the most suitable one. For multi-purpose usage, Lipi Data has devised a range of Line Matrix Printers that cover almost every type of printing-including multiple copies.

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