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Taking India’s financial inclusion story forward

India’s Banking System has evolved magnificently with the rapidly advancing global technological revolution. Devices like Passbook Printers have developed and enhanced the banking system by improving functionality through effective information processing. With the balanced amalgamation of technology in the financial sector, India’s Banking System has increased its networking. In the era of technological development and rapid financial growth, a large percentage of the Indian population operate and manages their financial services online. Due to the Core Banking System (CBS) advancement, every branch is now well networked, and the customers can have access to the best instant services...

Lipi Data has been serving as the foremost Passbook Printer Manufacturer to all India’s reputed banks. We strive to deliver top-grade quality devices that enable the users with desired services and go beyond the hardware and help people save time which they can contribute towards a healthy office culture.

Passbook Printers are compact and portable device that can also be used in restrictively smaller spaces. This device comes with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-access connectivity ports for other devices. With adequate and efficient technology, these devices have helped banks accelerate the process without any errors. Lipi Data is one of the most trusted and promising Passbook Printer manufacturer across the country for several years.

Lipi Data: A leading Passbook Printer Manufacturer in India

Unlike other Passbook Printer manufacturers in India, Lipi Data aims to provide solutions and hardware that saves banks critical time. It allows banks to function more efficiently and lends a dynamic approach to their operations. Every Passbook Printer is designed to serve banks with the best print quality for a very long period. We, at Lipi Data, offer a sophisticated and user-friendly interface to ensure the device’s high workability. We manufacture many variants of a Passbook Printing Machine, with each incorporating high-end results. Our devices are accessible for easy maintenance and need no regular servicing of the machinery. Feature & Benefits of Passbook Printing Machine.

Passbook Printers makes the long hectic process of updating quicker. These printers are preferred amongst the many other print technologies available to financial institutions in the country. With an easy-to-use mechanism, the Passbook Printing Machine prints faster and covers less space even on a countertop. These printers are equipped with various advantages and features; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Lightweight and Portable Device
  • Efficient Information Processing
  • High-Speed Printing
  • Easy Connectivity with the Core Banking System(CBS)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Automatic Document Alignment
  • Low Maintenance
  • Flatbed Feeding

Our Industry-Specific Passbook Printers

Passbook Printers are devices that are specifically designed for banking purposes. From Government to Private Banks, Lipi Data provides these specially designed printers for every bank of India. Our Printers have played a vital role in increasing productivity and enhancing a bank’s customer services. Amongst the various other Passbook Printer Manufacturers in India, Lipi’s printers are not only equipped with high-speed printing but also incorporate technology that minimizes operational errors. With a significant and user-friendly design, users can place their Passbook in the given slot and quickly update the passbook in no time. Lipi Data is amongst the leading Passbook Printer Manufacturer. These devices can eventually work as a catalyst to enhance growth for every bank.


A passbook Printer is an automatic machine that is connected to the Bank’s server. To update a passbook, one is required to insert an account holder’s passbook in the slot. Once the passbook is inside the printer, the device fetches the transaction details and updates the passbook.
A passbook printing machine’s key application is to update the passbook with all the transaction details for the customer to view their every account activity properly. These devices are also used to update the account details for the newly issued passbook. These Printers scan the barcode, stick behind the passbook, and instantly read all the required information from the bank’s system.
Passbook Printer is designed to be easily accessible by any type of user. With its user-friendly interface, it is the best option to update the passbook within no time. These machines are available at every bank, with several optional protocols. You can usually find these printers in their designated place and are mainly operated by bank officials. Made solely for updating passbooks. A customer just needs to bring their passbook to the official and they can update it within a minute.

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