Vision NeXT

Vision NeXT
Vision NeXT


  • Ergonomic design: With swing-open covers allowing complete visibility to device interior for cleaning, jam removal, and ink-cartridge replacement
  • Advanced Auto-alignment: Virtually eliminating the need to hand jog or machine jog items, creating dramatic savings related to rework and errors.
  • Exception Pocket: Efficiently manages foreign items, rejected transactions, and wrongly positioned items on the fly.
  • Full color, Dual-Sided ID Card Scanning: For new account creation or customer identification applications.
  • State-of-the-Art Advanced Graphics Printer (AGP): Capable of printing customer receipts, endorsements, validations and more. Prints up to 14 lines of text and graphic images including logos and check images.
  • Accurate MICR and Advanced Imaging: Advanced MICR reading algorithms – including optical correction for optimal decoding accuracy – and superior grayscale and color duplex scanning


  • Branch Image Capture
  • Teller Image Capture
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Post Offices