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Augment the Power of your Brand

Communication is critical to deepening the power of your brand in today's ever-changing consumer landscape. Accelerated digital acceptance has allowed for signage solutions to create a unique and immersive communications platform across all major industries.

Having the ability to deliver captivating imagery, Digital Signage Solutions are turning out to be a compelling replacement for static solutions while significantly reducing recurring costs...

Used as a medium to relay information for governments or deepen brand interactions within commercial spaces, Digital Signage Solutions have a unique ability to drive consumer engagement.

Not only are they built to dissipate information in demanding public-facing environments, in retail, but these solutions can also create enthralling, dramatic yet hyperlocal experiences.

Trusted Digital Signage Solution Provider In India

Navigating through India's multicultural and multilingual fiber creates a unique challenge when engaging with customers, nationally.

At Lipi Data, the most trusted digital signage company within the country, we understand that this diversity creates a complex challenge for brands when it comes to communication.

Our solutions enable you to seamlessly create, deploy and manage hyper-localised communication experiences for your customers whilst ensuring that the brand's broader identity remains intact. We understand that, while languages might change from state to state, your brand's value proposition doesn't.

Reason to Choose Lipi Data as Your Digital Signage Solution Company

Lipi Data's Digital Signage Solutions enable establishments to deliver dynamic and flexible digital experiences, reducing the need for constant reprinting.

As a digital signage company, we believe in creating immersive experiences for your clients in order to bolster engagement and take brand interactions to a whole new level. Our signage software is developed to support many technologies, including but not limited to LED, LCD projectors etc.

Cloud-based Secure and Encrypted Solutions

Digital platforms are always at high risk of leaking the data without proper protection. Lipi Data provides cloud-based solutions that are secure and encrypted, protecting your data from all kinds of external threats that may interfere with your customer communications.

Multi-browser Support

Lipi Data's Digital Signage Solution is built for multi-browser support, ensuring flexibility for interacting with your customers -wherever you want. This dynamic digital experience is an asset to companies looking to create a personalized relationship with their customers.

Lipi Data Offers A Wide Range Of Digital Signage Solutions In India

The agile nature of Digital Signage Solutions has proven critical in scenarios ranging from information dissemination to brand engagement. It allows establishments to engage with their audience more effectively and meaningfully at the click of a button.

Our Industry-specific Digital Signage Solutions

Lipi Data's Digital Signage Solution can be deployed across varying industries, and its flexible ecosystem allows for integration with newer modules based on your needs.


Captivating customers, deepening brand interactions, and dissipating information about in-store promotions are made easier with digital signage. It enables retailers to ensure a seamless yet hyperlocal experience across all their points of sale.


A large number of hospitals and clinics have adopted this specialized software solution to heighten their work efficiency as these high-performance screens can transmit information quickly and effectively. Coupled with our queue management system, this solution significantly eases operational management.


Digital Signage Solutions have been facilitating a host of schools and universities towards offering a better digital platform for education. In India, education is one of the primary necessities in the need for empowerment. Whether it's displaying notices or sharing critical announcements regarding on-campus activities, Digital Signage Solutions makes for excellent assets within the educational space.


Without a doubt, sports have evolved at a significant pace with technology. Digital Signage Solutions in India have transformed the entire scenario while offering accurate and updated statistics -thus creating a whole new sporting experience.


Hotels, convention centers, and several other hospitality centers have entirely changed their workings and have improved their customer as well as guest service with the help of digital signage software. Providing information to the right audience without disrupting the overall ambiance has become essential to ensure that customer experience remains par-excellence.


Lipi Data's Digital Signage Solutions have proven themselves to be the most adaptable and empowering towards resolving any industrial problem. Its flexible architecture allows for customization, enabling establishments to communicate with their customers when and where they want.


Digital signage software are specially designedcto help companies work more effectively and make a relatable approach towards displaying information.
Various communication messages can be shared through digital signages such as important announcements, advertisements, notices, testimonials, weather etc. Digital signage content allows virtually every type of text or message to be displayed prominently.
There are a host of signs and information pieces displayed on screens as well as other digital platforms -from shopping malls to corporate hubs. A digital signage system works through a series of protocols undertaken by the digital signage company. It starts with designing the content that has to be displayed for the audience and the management moving onto playback, display, and infrastructure. Every step in the digital signage system is crucial towards provide solutions.

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