Automatic Ticket Vending Machines: Improving Passenger Throughput

ATVMs: An enhanced ground transportation experience

Lipi Data has been a pioneering contributor to several core-industry sectors by offering consumer-facing Self-service Terminals within India. Propelled by global trends through the last decade, mass transit has undergone transformational change, and India is no exception to this. A concerted effort is being made to make cities more mobile, deepen the penetration of public transport, and simultaneously improve the overall customer experience. With an increased number of commuters, stations are in a constant need to improve the overall passenger throughput, while keeping fraud in check. Lipi’s specialised solutions that facilitate ground transportation include Automatic Ticket Vending Machines and Add Value Machines. A critical component of the AFC landscape, these terminals are installed at Railway and Bus stations with the objective of systemising and organising the booking and buying of tickets...

Our technology and designs aim to provide seamless operations that scale-up industries. As a critical component of the commuter facing ecosystem, ATVMs play a vital role in driving ticketing transactional efficiency at every station.

Why deploy ATVMs?

Automatic Ticket Vending Machines provide countless advantages to customers and operators. Whether a customer wants to book a ticket or wants to check transportation availability in other time slots— routine transactions like these can be undertaken assistance free. Broadly, benefits of deploying such terminals are:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Adaptable to any working environment
  • Serve more customers at a time
  • More connectivity
  • Organised working systems
  • High customer satisfaction

Lipi’s Automatic Ticket Vending Machines ease operational complexities, while ensuring maximum transactional security. Ergonomically designed, our terminals are intuitive, simple to use, and even easier to maintain.


An Automatic Ticket Vending Machine offers several benefits to customers and AFC operators. These terminals can quickly adapt to any working environment and greatly improve operational efficiencies.
ATVMs are terminals that enable commuters to undertake routine transactions assistance free. A user can directly access services with the help of the given instructions on the screen.
Self-service Terminals have transformed several core industries. By putting the power of executing each transaction in the hands of the consumer, these terminals have broadened the reach of businesses beyond conventional operating hours, while keeping operational costs in check.

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