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Printers for Logistics

For decades, Indian logistics and fulfilment centres have relied on Lipi Data’s impact printers for reproducing a host of documents that are critical to this complex industry. The fulfilment centres of prominent e-commerce players across the country have benefited immensely from our printing expertise...

Improve Warehouse Efficiency With Logistic Printers

Lipi Data’s specialised Printers for Logistics are designed to improvise technological developments and provide industrial operation solutions. Our wide range of printers are equipped with efficient and adaptable technology, ensuring that your operation never needs to stop. Designed and engineered keeping in mind the documentation complexities that arise as a part of shipping goods around, our printers ensure consistent high speed, high quality printing.

Inadequate infrastructure is a significant barrier for India’s logistics companies, potentially affecting last-mile delivery and operating costs. Our unique understanding of this industry and our long-standing relationship with several key customers have enabled us to create customised solutions for parcel delivery as well as booking.

Lipi Data’s Kiosks for Logistics Industry in India ensures 24x7 customer availability by providing an enhanced regional network in helping our clients outperform last-mile delivery. These terminals have the ability to significantly improve efficiency in places with high footfalls like university campuses, residential complexes and technology parks. Factory built with physical and digital security tools, these terminals give your customer the flexibility to use your services at their convenience.

The Best Offering to Kiosk for the Logistics Industry in India

Lipi Data manufactures specially designed Kiosks for Logistics Industry in India to fulfil every aspect of functionality. From shipment to the management of the kiosk machinery, we provide holistic services to our clients. Our belief in co-creation has enabled us to resolve and manage a number of industry specific requirements-- incorporating solutions according to changing demands in the businesses. Our control over the design and production of these terminals, coupled with our highly trained in field support team, ensures that we are able to provide incredible terminal uptime. This is essential, as logistics and delivery of your products profoundly affects customer experience and overall recall value.

Wide Benefit Range Simplifying and Enhancing Almost Everything

These Terminals are integrated to have some of the highest uptimes, which facilitate timely delivery of your parcel when volumes peak during high-traffic (holiday) seasons. Lipi Data’s Kiosk for Logistics Industry in India ensures end-to-end solutions by incorporating countless features and advantages.

  • Modular design ensuring scalability
  • Site surveys and shipment monitoring
  • Remote management and monitoring of installed kiosks
  • Help desk support
  • Customer owned inventory management
  • Displays and fixtures
  • Signage - interactive and static

Printers for Warehouse Fulfilling Every Specific Industry Needs

From dry and dusty Rajasthan to hot and humid Kerala, our Line Matrix and High-Speed Dot Matrix Printers installed in logistics parks, depots and warehouses situated across the vast landscape of India have demonstrated their ability to work efficiently in any environment. Our printers for warehouses help our clients increase their operations and provide greater visibility for goods. Overall, it helps our clients increase their operational efficiencies.


The logistics department is mainly concerned with the management, organisation and distribution of goods. They ensure delivery of the right product at the right place in a timely manner. Logistics plays a vital role in every industry, especially in the manufacturing sector. This department is responsible for the integration and utilisations of goods in a correct manner. The logistics department implements an effective and efficient order of work that eventually enhances its financial performance.
A logistic system is an interconnected network of resources, organisations and information management which includes a sequential flow of goods and products. Logistics planning involves all primary operation of the goods or products entering or exiting the company. Procurement, production and distribution forms a critical base for logistic planning.
Logistics serves as a significant player in a number of company operations. The shipment of every product in the company until installation and management is undertaken through the logistic process. This also includes help desk support in some instances among other additional queries or advice. Warehouse management is also a significant part of the process that ensures correct and systematic inventory as well as delivery of goods.

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