With advancements in the field of digital technology, Smart Cards had proved to be a reliable carrier of secure identities. They have become an indispensable part of any authentication process. Whether in the area of personal identification, payment transactions or access control— the application possibilities of smart cards are limitless. Smart cards offer users the highest security standards and provide comprehensive data protection.

A smart card is equipped with an operating system, a volatile RAM and a non-volatile EEPROM via the processor chip. Its microprocessor module therefore offers a high memory capacity. Smart cards are a vital to any secure issuance solution. Other components include:

  1. Identification Software
  2. Card Printer
  3. Printer Ribbon
  4. Camera
  5. PVC Card

A Secure Issuance Solutions often also includes a warranty kit and a cleaning kit. You can also buy these kits separately if they are not already included. To know more about our Smart Card Printer, click here.

Different Types of Smart Cards:


The plastic surface of a contact smart card has an embedded metal chip contact pad. It must be inserted into a reader, thereby enabling a transfer of data from the card.


These smart cards use radio waves to communicate with remote ID card readers. This connection is achieved by electromagnetic induction between the card reader’s antenna and the antenna embedded between the layers of the card body. They last longer than contact smart cards because they do not require physical contact with the ID card reader, reducing the chances of physical damage.

Dual interface:

Dual interface smart cards have both contact and contactless connections to a single chip within the same ID card. This enables the card to demonstrate both technologies’ strengths and weaknesses.


Hybrid smart cards have two chips, one connected through a contact interface and the other through a contactless interface. It is basically two smart cards in an ID card body, and there is no communication between the two chips.

Smart Card Printers: Protect Yourself

Instant Issuance

From a security point of view, everyone must have an ID card. Implementing such a solution can be a problem if a new employee, student, or visitor needs to wait for the card to be requested, printed, or sent before it is issued. With Smart ID Card Printers, one can get the card instantly.

Greater control of the Printing Process

From a security standpoint, it can be advantageous to purchase a Smart Card Printer. If personal information or security features are printed, or smart cards are programmed internally, the possibility of external interference such as card copying or counterfeiting is eliminated.

Cost Saving

Return on investment analysis of Smart Card Printers show that they can reduce costs, in the long run, for physical and logical security. Higher level security and, in the long run, lower costs are amongst the emerging charms of these printers.

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