Airports, restaurants and grocery stores have been using self-service technology to increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies for over a decade, but it wasn’t until recently other businesses, with much larger ticket sizes, decided to adapt and embrace it too.

Digital Kiosks have the power to completely change the way people purchase cars, enabling potential customers to get relevant information at the click of a button. These kiosks provide information and services in a standalone capacity, freeing up staff from dealing with basic queries, and instead focussing more on customers that are more likely to go ahead with the purchase.

Benefits of self-service kiosks for car dealerships

Building a Brand

Kiosks create an immersive phsydigital sales experience within the dealership which is important for brand building. Creating a captivating, yet factual sales experience is critical, especially in high ticket transactions like vehicles. Many prospective customers like to their own research before actually taking things forward. These customers could conduct their initial search via a kiosk before engaging an employee, who obviously carries some inherent bias.

An Information Gathering Node

Further, As early data collecting nodes, these terminals could help salespeople better understand customer requirements in a more quantitative fashion. This captured information can be transmitted to both the OEM, as well as used at a dealership level to better train sales people.

Decreased Transaction Time

Digital Kiosks cut down on idle time in a transaction by engaging prospective customers from the moment they enter the dealership. If a salesperson is not immediately available to help, customers are redirected to the kiosks where they can begin the information gathering process.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Kiosks are great to upsell products. When a customer checks in using a self-service kiosk, they’re constantly being pushing updated, accurate information. In several cases, salespeople with inaccurate information result in a loss of sale. A digital kiosk takes out that problem all together.
Further, basis of the gathered information, these kiosks could cross sell insurance policies, care packs and even present customers with available loan options— all an additional stream of income to the deanship.

Redeploying Staff

Numerous tasks, like service appointment bookings, can be completed via a digital kiosk, reducing the need for staff to engage directly with customers. This potentially limits the number of on-site staff required, directly reducing costs.

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