Branding has become an important aspect for all businesses which are trying to create the necessary buzz in the market. Marketers are trying their hands at every opportunity they get to create new experiences around their offerings. Interactive Kiosks are the latest additions to their arsenal.

Functionally, Interactive Kiosks can help ease unnecessary friction along any customer purchase journey. They allow customers to browse, inquire and transact without the assistance of any staff. This obviously improves transaction speeds, and provides an opportunity to businesses to upsell services. Lately, however, organisations are integrating these touch points, within brick and mortar stores to create highly immersive brand experiences.

Interactive Kiosks are able to create a hyper personal experience for each user, while ensuring that the brand’s overarching philosophy stays intact. They allow for greater engagement, and better understanding of customer purchase patterns.

Why is it necessary for Brands?

In consumer facing spaces, like QSR, Retail and Banking, creating and maintaining brand experience is becoming to truly differentiate one organisation from another. Self-service terminals are quickly becoming an integral part of an organisation’s overall marketing strategy. Interactive Kiosks have been able to aid businesses in delivering unique experiences to consumers.

A More Satisfied Customer

By limiting, and in many cases eliminating, the need for a teller, the self-service channel has enabled businesses to remain open whenever the customer wants. If we were to look at the BFSI sector, activities were governed by banking hours. The self-service channel has allowed for several transactions to be undertaken round the clock. By giving customers complete control over their transactions, these terminals have reinvented the idea of customer satisfaction, thereby empowering the brand.

Unlimited Choices

Interactive Kiosks enable shopping experiences to turn into an 'Endless Aisle.' This represents an intelligent amalgamation of online and offline stores to serve the retail customers better. By allowing for shops to offer a much broader product selection than physically available in the store, retailers can reduce sales lost. This physi-digital shopping experience can create a strong impression in the minds of consumers, and exponentially increase a stores' potential by bringing the power and flexibility of an online sales channel into brick-and-mortar ones.

Hyper Personalised Advertising

Interactive Kiosks placed strategically in a store or in a window display act as dynamic digital signage because they are used to display product demos and brand stories and augment the overall store experience. Terminals integrated with Digital signage are a great way to target customers based on their historical shopping patterns.

Maintaining Brand Language

As any business scales up, maintaining the brand’s overarching language is a challenge. Interactive Terminals can help in creating a unified brand experience. Rolling out new offerings, visuals and creatives become very easy for businesses operating multiple locations through Interactive Terminals enabled with our signage solution.

Hear your Customer

One of the most critical ways to improve your business and brand loyalty is to tailor your product and services to customer feedback. This is a valuable way to achieve business success. This essential and versatile feedback can help you identify areas where you need to work. It can also highlight your core competencies, strengths, and weaknesses. An Interactive Kiosks is a great way to ask for feedback without causing your customers to feel rushed or uncomfortable. Instead, they can also take their own time answering your questions and give honest feedback so you can have a wealth of information to draw from.

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