Interaction adds a refreshing dimension to traditional digital signages. While traditional signages puts information or promotional content on view, regardless of engagement, interactive screens allow for customer engagement to much greater degrees.

Interactive digital signages turns viewers into users. The content becomes part of an experience that is orchestrated by users, and thus hyper personalised. Each user can express their preferences and selections through simple interactions, retrieving information specific to their individual needs and interests. Traditional digital signages rely on making vivid, impersonal impressions: big screens, loud audio, flashy messages. Interactive displays, on the other hand, have opened the door to the world of personalised engagement.

Introduce a touchscreen, wireless connectivity, or other technologies that enable interaction and suddenly your screen becomes something more. They allow onlookers to become participants, opening new possibilities of engagement.

Creating immersive Digital Experiences

Interactive Digital Signage solutions require content that has the ability to interact with hardware devices seamlessly, enabling consumers to experience personalisation that defies the boundaries defined by traditional equipment. By working with a combination of touch and motion control devices, interactive digital displays can create truly immersive experiences.

Interactive Digital Signage devices are the clear winner

Today customers like smart technology that make retail experiences more immerse innovative and personal. Greater digitisation paves the way for smarter stores pushing the boundaries of customer engagement.

Interactive Digital Signage devices stand out as a clear winner because they are far more dynamic in comparison to their traditional counterparts. As signage applications move towards increased interactivity, viewers are converted into users. This new, immersive way of personalised messaging, allow for brands to communicate far more deeply with each of their consumers.

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