Today, a large number of companies are deploying HR Kiosks as a channel to better employee communication and engagement. These kiosks are designed to increase efficiency by providing employees with a self-service platform for Human Resources data. By automating access to HR portals, these terminals are allowing for administrative and support costs to be dramatically reduced, whilst ensuring the highest degree of data security.

Virtual HR

Organisations across Industries are implementing HR Kiosks to provide a service centre for their desk-less workforce who don’t have access to computing devices or have limited access to onsite HR personnel. These Kiosks have been able to reduce HR paperwork, consequently fastening overall transaction cycle times leading to a more satisfied workforce. Further, by reducing the need for backend data entry and processing, HR Kiosks have the ability to significantly reduce operational costs.
From the perspective of the department, these terminals allow HR professionals to reduce efforts put into routine transactions and concentrate more on executing strategic initiatives and cultivating company culture. As more organisations undertake Digital HR initiatives, these terminals are critical endpoints in the employee services landscape. They are physical nodes which unify all services, thereby empowering the staff and positively impacting the overall employee experience. By making employee services more structured and accessible, several organisations have benefitted from being able to retain the best of their talent pool.

Employee Self-service Kiosks Machine Has Valuable Features

HR Kiosks provide all employees with 24*7 access to a secure service portal for all of their personal needs. A variety of functions, including accessing their personal information or participating in enrolment, can all be accomplished through the kiosks. Businesses clinging to traditional HR delivery mechanisms find themselves dealing with a large amount of processing inefficiencies. Several transactions are repetitive and tedious. To minimise manual processing, organisations have installed employee Self-Service Kiosks which enable the digital delivery of several benefits securely. These include:

  • Time attendance and Payroll information
  • Vacation and Time Off request information
  • Access to employee policies and benefits
  • Form submission and authorisations
  • Form reviewing and printing
  • Schedule appointments with HR
  • Accessing company events and important notices
  • Surveys, FAQs suggestions and complaints
  • Displaying company ethics, Code of Conduct, Policies, Product portfolio, CSR initiatives, messages from senior managements
  • Remote video conferencing with HR team
  • Grievance redressal platform

This terminal gives employees access to a wide range of functions securely. By eliminating the need to perform trivial, and often repetitive tasks such as leave requests, timesheets, pay advice, payment summaries and expense claims, this terminal reduces the load on the HR department and allows for better and more efficient people management. These terminals can specifically be utilised at sites with a large labour force or facilities in remote areas where the workforce does not have physical access to the HR team. By acting as a dedicated channel these terminals can improve the overall employee experience by bettering the approachability to HR.

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