Top Business Hotels are making a conscious effort to stay up to date with developments in technology to maximize business and meet consumers' ever-growing demands. For example, 82 percent of hoteliers consider investing in the latest technologies worthwhile, with the aim to boost occupancy.
An automated check-in system is particularly advantageous for international hotel guests due to the multilingual options. With multiple uses, kiosks also provide guests a point to access the Internet. Nowadays, people expect high-speed Internet in most hotels to connect to social media while they are away. In addition, automated kiosks can offer hotels an alternative wayfinding and information facility for guests.

Reduce the waiting lines

Self-service Kiosk increase the overall efficiency ratio of the hotel business virtue to their multitasking skill. Guests don't have to stand in queue at the reception desk any more. Even the peak season can be very well managed with the help of Self-service Kiosk

Contactless Check-In

Safety and sanitation is of paramount importance for travelers and employees in this current time. This is another reason why contactless service are growing in value. By reducing the time it takes for guests to check-in and out, and keeping interactions to a minimum, hotels can reduce foot traffic, eliminate heavily populated front lobbies, and promote an environment where social distancing is possible.

Opportunities to Generate More Revenue

Self check-in has a great advantage – guests choose the time they use it at their convenience. This means that they choose a calm moment to register and check-in to avoid the hectic rush in front of the reception desk. For a hotelier this means that they get another minute to present their services and upsell or cross-sell, e.g. by offering paid upgrades, extra services and amenities or packages with added value. And while there are many reasons why having a consistent upsell policy followed by your front desk staff can be a difficult task, the check-in kiosk machine and/or the hotel self-service app will always do the job thus leading to an increase in your revenue.

Personalized Guest Experiences

Data transfer and proper guest recognition have always been the stumbling block for hoteliers to completely rely on the available self-service solutions. Self-Service kiosks can gather useful data about guest and their stay history such as previous purchases, room preferences, and other special requests. If the kiosk is properly integrated with that hotel’s PMS (property management system), this offers you an opportunity to access this data quickly and deliver a more personalized experience.

Faster Check-in and Out Experiences

In the traditional check-in process, guests must stand in line to speak with a receptionist for all of their queries which was off course time consuming and frustrating at times. But with a self-service kiosk, guests can skip the check-in line by simply looking up their name, email, booking number or by scanning their government issued ID. This drastically improves front-desk lobby wait times and queues and delivers better customer experience.

Feedback Mechanism

With the help of these Interactive Kiosk, hotels can easily get the required feedback instantly thus enabling them to improve their operations and customer care. No need to take any manual feedback from the customers.


Wayfinding Kiosks help users navigate their destination and encourages them to explore their surrounding area with interactive information. The wayfinding capabilities make it easy for users to learn about attractions in the area.

Promoting Tourism

Kiosks provide real-time information to visitors and ensure they get the most out of their visit to your city. Digital tourism kiosks improve visitor engagement and experience and provide a platform for you to promote local sights and businesses.


With constantly evolving online distribution marketplace, it is the capability of hotels to provide modern services that will help them remain competitive. Self-services in hotels, in terms of automated check-in, room selection, checkout, secure payment etc. eliminate the clerical part of the job for front office staff and leave more opportunity for human interactions, increase the accuracy of routine operations, reduce costs, and improve the guest experience altogether.

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