Printing is a critical part of day-to-day warehouse operations. These include requirements to meet compliances, such as those of a carrier or buyer, prints mandated by governments of countries and regions, such as, export documents for international shipping, and so on and so forth. Based on the level of ERP integration, printing can be triggered automatically upon certain events or manually, based on request.

Direct Thermal Printers are advanced devices that have taken over warehouse operations. These devices are uniquely designed and equipped with compact and lightweight mechanisms which enable seamless performance and high levels of accuracy.

Warehousing: Thermal Printers

Direct Thermal Printers are capable of high quality printing without compromising quality on various surfaces. Prints taken from these devices have exceptional readability and are highly resistant against fluids and abrasion, making them ideal for receipt and label printing.

The ability of these printers to continually perform in high demanding situations have made them a vital part of warehousing operations globally.

Lipi is amongst the leading thermal printer suppliers, offering the most comprehensive range of Thermal Printers across the country.

How does a Direct Thermal Label Printer work?

In the Direct Thermal printing process, elements of the printhead apply punctual heat directly to the passing label, which has a heat-sensitive coating. A chemical reaction causes the label to change color from white to black.

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