Telecommunications are part of an incredibly dynamic industry. Although trends indicate globally that the world is shifting to online payments and transactions, terminals are critical physical endpoints that help broaden the reach of a brand.With more and more people around the world getting connected over mobile devices, there is a growing need to provide customers with a new aged touchpoint to augment operations. This has been detailed below.

Anytime, Anywhere

By deploying these terminals at offsite location like airports and railway stations, operators could integrate the bill payment experience into an individuals daily routine. Further, the prevalence of these machines in high footfall areas can also augment brand recall in an industry that is dominated by digital initiatives.

Alternative Payment Channel

By installing automated Bill Payment Terminals, operators could provide an alternate payment channel for customers who don’t like to make online payments, or those in underbanked areas who need to pay in cash. These self-service kiosks provide access to bill payment services beyond the working hours, and can be upgraded to offer other services, like sim dispensing, account top-up, and mobile recharging

In-Store Queues Management

By streamlining the customer flow and directing a number of your customers to payment terminals instead of going to service counters, the overall customer wait time could be reduced significantly. Further, as a result, in-store staff can be enabled to focus on helping consumers with more complex transactions about new products or services, rather than dealing with routine ones.

Reduced Operating Costs

Bill Payment Kiosks can help to reduce the operating costs by eliminating the need to employ more staff or open new stores. Self-service Kiosks could function as a substitute for employees, reducing the operational costs while allowing employees to concentrate on tasks that are more essential for growing business.

New Revenue Stream

Besides telecom bills, these Self-service Terminals can act as nodes to allow customers to undertake non-telco transactions as well. Integrating these terminals with portals created by utility companies and governmental agencies can create an alternative stream of income for operators.

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