Industrial Automation

Automation has advanced several industries and developed their working systems with technology. It has played a crucial role in transforming entire sectors. Automated terminals are used within various large manufacturing set-ups to disseminate information more efficiently across its internal networks, on the work-floor, or within its industrial facility itself. Providing many functional growth impetuses, Lipi Data’s industrial kiosks have been augmenting the delivery and availability of critical information to varying departments within large-scale industrial facilities...

In the current zeitgeist, automation has enabled companies to expand their workforce horizons and invest valuable resources in more critical work. Industrial automated self-service terminals have enabled core sectors to incorporate technology across their internal customer network--the workers-- ensuring that all digital assets are accessible to their employees spanning all tiers of the workforce. Today every user seeks technological convenience and availability to access services or products at any given time. Automated terminals bridge this requirement by enabling the cohesive functioning of several divisions within organisations by allowing internal customers to gain access to cross functional information through an integrated, interactive experience.

Lipi Data is one of the leading industrial kiosk suppliers for private and government sectors.Our best-in-class technology and terminals have augmented the service of important divisions such as purchase, logistics, security and Human Resources. Lipi Data’s kiosks are designed to function as information and operational nodes for legacy systems by assimilating and disseminating data in a streamlined manner. We have touched the lives of millions of end-users while creating high-performance and invaluable assets that contribute significantly towards assisting with industry-led automation. Our range of industry-specific kiosk machines has played a key role in ensuring that businesses reduce their operational costs.

Lipi Data: India’s Most Significant Industrial Kiosk Supplier

Whether its heavy duty operations or harsh climates, Lipi’s Industrial Kiosks are designed keeping utility in mind. The physical and digital components of these terminals ensure that optimum efficiency in any scenario.

Lipi’s industrial self-service terminals encompass an important role towards increasing efficiency where it matters most: factories, manufacturing plants as well as warehouses. These terminals help all segments of the workforce access their personal information in an easy and efficient manner, without any assistance from HR personnel.

Lipi Data is the foremost industrial automated kiosk manufacturer - having deployed custom-fitted self-service terminals across several manufacturing plants. These terminals have significantly helped businesses automate their material in-warding processes while reducing transaction times (in certain cases from 20 minutes to 2 minutes) and minimizing pilferage. This has not just significantly enhanced turnaround times, but also led to huge monetary savings. Lipi Data has been supplying kiosks for a number of years to some of the most prestigious enterprises within the country.

Some Primary Beneficiaries Of Industrial Kiosks

Lipi Data has a specialized range of industrial kiosks manufactured for high performance while being cost efficient. At Lipi Data, we have significantly contributed to enhancing the industrial automation needs of institutions with adaptable technology that enables far better customer reach, both internal and external. Our best-in-class terminals have secured a vital role within the broader industrial automation landscape, and are continuing to advance the workforce of innumerable organisations. Lipi Data is not only an industrial kiosk supplier but one of the best brands featuring:

  • High-speed printing
  • Heavy duty operations
  • Efficient devices for the banking system
  • Well-structured information
  • Reduced transaction times
  • High-quality results


The emergence of interactive kiosks has enhanced the productivity of numerous industries. These machines are working as catalysts to chart an unparalleled growth trajectory for various companies within core sectors and beyond. These devices are pre-integrated with state-of-the-art software modules as well as vast networking devices that enable centralized accessibility. Lipi Data takes immense pride in having built itself as a trustworthy industrial automated kiosk manufacturer in India while ceaselessly continuing to contribute towards improving manufacturing operations across various industries across the country.


Interactive Kiosks enable users to perform traditional tasks rather efficiently. This device range includes Self-service Payment Terminals, Vending Machines, Self-Ticketing Machines, Online Queue Systems among others.
Industrial automation has been expanding its horizons within several significant sectors such as Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Restaurants, Public Transport, Municipalities, etc.
Industrial automation empowers companies significantly with a wide roster of advantages such as higher production, top product quality, better reach, improved operational safety and security. Automated systems save a lot of company time as well as resources and allow them to work on more skillful operations.

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