Industrial Automation

Self-service Terminals: Streamlining Manufacturing

Automation has played a crucial role in transforming entire sectors. Self-service terminals have been deployed at various large manufacturing setups to disseminate information more efficiently on the shop floor. Lipi Data’s Industrial Kiosks have been augmenting the delivery and availability of critical information to various departments within large-scale industrial facilities.

Today, availability of data is critical for any employee. Automated self-service terminals have enabled the internal customer network— the workers— to get access to their digital assets on demand. In addition to Human Resources, our best-in-class terminals have augmented the service of important divisions such as purchase, logistics and security. Our kiosks are designed to function as information and operational nodes for legacy systems by assimilating and disseminating data in a streamlined manner..

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Whether its heavy duty operations or harsh climates, Lipi’s Industrial Kiosks are designed keeping utility in mind. The physical and digital components of these terminals ensure that optimum efficiency in any scenario.

Lipi’s industrial self-service terminal range play a key role in increasing efficiency where it matters most: factories, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Deployed to streamline a variety of functions, our terminals have helped businesses automate their material in-warding processes, better manage employee digital assets and minimise pilferage. The deployment of these terminals have not only helped in making operations more efficient, but have also led to tangible monetary savings.

Further, these devices are pre-integrated with advanced modules and networking devices that enable centralised monitoring, virtually eliminating the risk of data leaks.


The emergence of interactive kiosks as means to further automate industry has resulted in greater productivity. Automated terminals have enabled the cohesive functioning of several divisions within organisations by allowing internal customers to gain access to cross functional information through an integrated, interactive experience.


Interactive Kiosks enable users to perform traditional without the need of a manned counter. Examples of these are Payment Terminals, Vending Machines and Automated Ticketing Vending Machines.
Human Resource Management, Purchase, Security and Shop Floor Management are functions wherein there is increased traction to deploy Self-service terminals to improve overall efficiency.

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