Changing the face of citizen engagement

Serving a trillion-strong population encompassing a large country is quite a task for any government. Lipi Data is a leading e-Governance and Smart City kiosk manufacturer helping the Indian government and its institutions accomplish this task. Military establishments, public sector units and government agencies are located in metro cities and remote locations alike. Regardless of place of operation, prescribed procedures and documentation must be followed as laid down by the state: most of these documents are printed on machines manufactured by us...

e-Governance and Smart City kiosks by Lipi Data have been proven to provide cost-effective delivery for critical transactions and operations. Our range of kiosk solutions has been augmenting government operations, consistently. Among the numerous kiosk suppliers in India in India, Lipi Data aims to deliver citizen-services to the remotest villages and most varied geographies.

Responding to the central government’s Digital-India and Smart City initiatives, our design team embarked on a development cycle that enabled us to participate in this change on a nation-wide scale. From deploying the world’s largest last-mile e-governance delivery platform, to developing secure access solutions that protect critical government institutions, we have shown a clear intent of riding the digital wave.

Features & Benefits of e-Governance and Smart City Kiosks

Lipi Data’s range of e-Governance and Smart City kiosks enable better citizen-reach and engagement with complete transaction transparency. In addition to efficiency, our products are also known for their security. Being a leading e-Governance and Smart City kiosk manufacturer in India, Lipi Data’s solutions comply with the highest safety protocols laid down to protect critical institutions and state members. Our government support terminals are equipped with numerous features and benefits; a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Transaction transparency
  • Citizen engagement
  • Easy and instant update
  • Providing services accessible to one and all
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • High performance and productivity
  • Promoting e-governance

Why is Lipi Data Among the Best e-Governance and Smart City Kiosk Manufacturers in India?

Lipi is one of the only e-Governance and Smart City kiosk manufacturers that aims to provide a consistent and secure platform for citizen engagement. Our e-Governance and Smart City kiosk solutions play a crucial role in deepening the reach of governmental agencies in the remotest of locations. Even in an urban landscape, these terminals are ideal for communication in various spaces like transportation hubs, government complexes, stadiums, etc. The in-device messages can be easily and quickly customised -making communications more relatable and compelling.

Our self-service terminals, safety poles, and solar jackets can be found in various smart cities across the country. These solutions are designed to withstand the elements and work as efficiently outdoors as they do indoors. Unlike other e-Governance and Smart City kiosk manufacturers, Lipi Data has contributed to the fostering of technology-led industry wide solutions in India. With a balanced amalgamation of design and utility, we are the most trusted e-Governance and Smart City kiosk suppliers -promoting increased productivity while enhancing working environments across numerous sectors.


With the advent of lightning-quick tech updates, self-service kiosks have now upgraded their form and function towards more sophisticated operations. These devices have not only increased the government’s reach with features like retina scanning, fingerprint scanning, built-in cameras among a host of other offerings. Today, these kiosks play a vital role in serving tech-based requirements while aiding several government agencies.
Self-service kiosks have been assisting the government in various ways. They serve as high-tech devices -performing all types of transactions and operations. However, these machines excel in other areas of performance in addition to acting as informational set-ups for end-users. These self-service kiosks have helped various government organizations and institutions empower the citizenry with high-quality technological impetus in addition to making knowledge not only digitally accessible but also viable.
Modern consumers opt for efficient and convenient services. Self-service e-Governance and Smart City kiosks advance this consumer agenda within governmental operations. These highly efficient devices have now gained wide acceptance with the help of officials as they have made users self-reliant.

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