E-waste management

Lipi Data Systems Limited has been working in the area of safe disposal of E-waste. Since electronics items contain toxic and Hazardous Waste and Compressed Air Condensate. Safe disposal of E-waste reduces the environment pollution. The correct disposal of old product will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health. So, when an Electrical & Electronics item reaches its end-of-life, we take it back, reuse it or dismantle/recycle it. Company policy of Lipi Data Systems Ltd supports recycling and remains committed to comply with India’s E-waste (Management) Rules 2016 as per the guideline issued by Central Pollution Control Board.

All our products delivered with effect from 1st Oct 2016 & thereafter are governed by these rules and as such are marked with the "Crossed out Wheeled Bin"  symbol on our products. All such products should be treated separately & should not be mixed with general household/municipal waste.

Customer shall have an option to either dispose of such products at a proper/authorized local waste disposal/dismantle/recycle centre or to return it to our any of the nearest collection centres. (Packing & Shipping shall be at Customer’s expense).

As a part of our E-waste recycling programme Lipi Data Systems Ltd has partnered with PRO CONNECT, India’s leading Producer Responsibility Organisation to comply with E-waste Management and Handling Rules in providing environmentally sound management of end of life IT/Electronic products. On our behalf, PRO CONNECT will provide E-Waste drop-off collection centres. For complete details one can visit ‘E-waste’ pages on this site: