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India is a country that consists of numerous preferences within a highly competitive market. At Lipi Data, we focus on delivering technology that functions seamlessly like an invisible hand in the fast-paced lives of business and end-consumers alike. Today, Lipi Data is one of the leading Dot Matrix Printer manufacturers in India and the only company that offers a simple and efficient technologically integrated solution to various industries. Our Dot Matrix Printers are designed to deliver convenient and satisfying user experiences.

As technology transcends obsolete operations while empowering new avenues of work, with the increase in digital devices, every industry workforce has adapted a unique skill set to deliver performance. Within this scope, printers have transformed into a revolutionary asset -changing inefficient working styles while enabling numerous emerging companies to grow faster. Lipi Data’s Dot Matrix Printer variants are highly featured, reliable, and stylish machines capable of high-speed printing for long hours in addition to being available in various speed categories based on application and workloads...

Features and Benefits of Using High-Speed Dot Matrix Printers:

High-speed Dot Matrix Printers are known for their unbeatable performance and high-speed printing. Lipi Data manufactures high-quality Dot Matrix Printers, available in numerous variants that perfectly fit their respective operations such as automatic gap adjustment, multi-stationary feeding as well as cut sheet, interface switching, and inbuilt NW interface among others. These printers are specially manufactured to deliver more than just hardware and instead work as an asset for businesses, companies, industries and sectors, alike.

Readily Available at a Reasonable Cost

Dot Matrix Printers are the only printers that are easily affordable -from small business owners to big enterprises. Their built-in structure enhances user experience via high efficiency at a low cost. They are specially designed to be pocket-friendly while quickening the slow printing process and making them efficient.

Lowest Operating Cost

Every industry requires printers that are capable of high-quality printing at low costs. Dot-Matrix Printers help cut down day-to-day operating expenses allowing for budget sustainability. This advantage is a win-win scenario for users as every purchase creates a high return on investment.

High-speed Printing

High-speed Dot Matrix Printers, as the name suggests, enable efficient and low-cost high-speed printing. This feature not only advances the ordinary printing process but also saves a significant amount of time. Along with speed printing, these printers are equipped with an automatic sheet feeder and cutter option. Their multi-stationary feeding feature helps them work faster while saving time. They cut down the requirement of changing and feeding paper after every print.

No to High Maintenance Printers.

Lipi Data manufactures a range of Dot Matrix Printers that ease your work life significantly. With the unique advantage of being a low-maintenance machine, these printers excel in adapting to every working environment while delivering excellent performance in all conditions.

Favourable for Industrial Usage

High-speed Dot Matrix Printers are the most commonly used printers across numerous sectors and industries. Usually, they are used for invoice printing, printing lengthy account statements, barcode printing, label printing, certificate printing, heavy-duty data processing, delivery notes, packing lists, etc. These printers excel in all kinds of printing environments, adding tremendous value to the printing industry. High-speed Dot Matrix Printers not only cut down print-time wasted on regular printers but also help boost efficiency.

Why is Lipi Data the Most Reputed Dot-Matrix Printer Manufacturer in India?

Lipi Data is the first Dot Matrix Printer manufacturer in India and is now an industry leader with regards to creating the most elite class of Matrix printers. Apart from high-end quality, every printer is equipped with a matchless warranty period and countrywide after-sales support. Available in several variants, these Matrix printers mostly vary in speed and daily page workload. Dot-Matrix Printers are highly suitable for companies that require an overwhelming amount of daily printing. With their portable and easy-to-use technology, these printers can be easily installed in small spaces. Lipi Data offers a wide class of Matrix printers that can be chosen as per requirement and budget.


The Dot Matrix Printer is an asset that works similarly to the typewriter mechanism. While printing, the machine’s pins strike in an up and down motion, printing every character bit by bit. These printers produce a sequence of dots that are plotted to appear in a continuous line.
Dot Matrix Printers are cheap and are easily accessible. They are capable of printing carbon copies and have the lowest cost-per-copy, industry-wide. Unlike other printers, these function as standard maintenance printers that can adapt to any environment. The typical life of a dot matrix printer is more than five years which makes the cost of ownership the lowest among other printer technologies used for similar applications.
Dot Matrix Printers are usually used for printing up to six-part multiple copies as well as cut sheets. These printers are mainly employed for multipart stationery printing -for instance, for invoice printing, printing lengthy account statements, barcode printing, label printing, certificate printing, heavy-duty data processing,delivery notes,packing lists etc. Their print speed is up to 900 CPS-that works best in the longer run and finds usage in all major verticals like FMCG, RETAIL, GOVERNMENT, POWER UTILITY, TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS, MANUFACTURING where the workloads are heavy and more than 25k pages per month.

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