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Incorporated in 1986, Lipi Data is considered one of the top three Indian IT peripheral companies. For decades, Lipi Data has been providing innovative technologies and services with its indigenously designed products.

Today, Lipi Data is recognized as one of the most trustworthy organizations amongst industry peers that manufacture mission-critical products. Our state-of-the-art design & manufacturing facilities coupled with a robust service network–spread over 200 locations across India– make for an unbeatable combination...

Lipi believes in co-creation. We believe that it is an easy and effective way of creating solutions that help our clients' businesses grow faster. Our emphasis on co-creation not only allows us to design unique products but also enables commendable after-sales service. Be it a confirmed response to a customer service call within 72 hours or the ability to fix any technical glitch in the very first visit, our team of over 600 professional engineers ensures that your business never comes to a halt due to mechanical error.

Cash Recycler Machine: An Introduction

Lipi Data is a recognised Cash Recycler manufacturer and supplier in India.

Lipi’s ATM Cash Recycler has been designed keeping the myriad of complexities in mind whilst deploying terminals across the varied Indian landscapes. Our versatile, intuitive yet highly secure terminals enable banking establishments in the subcontinent to better utilize automation, to ensure that your customers have full control of their transactions.

Cash Recycler Machine by Lipi Data

Along with our global technology partners, we delivered India's first indigenously manufactured ATM followed by the introduction of the country's first Cash Recycler.

Efficiently and effectively managing cash has become critical in regions like India wherein cash transactions are high. As financial institutions across the country are focusing on improving their cash management strategies, the transformative nature of Cash Recyclers has put them at the center of most deployment plans.

Lipi is one of the leading cash recycler manufacturers in India. Our deep understanding of the industry comes from the fact that, since inception, Banking and Insurance automation has been our focal point.

The standard configuration of Lipi Data’s Cash Recycler is four recycling cassettes, one deposit cassette, and one standard reject box. It is also equipped with:

  • EMV Level 2 certification
  • Anti-skimming card reader
  • PCI certified EPP
  • Pin shield & rear-view mirror
  • Bio finger scanner
  • Inbuilt speaker for voice guidance
  • Inbuilt camera with advanced DVSS

Features of the Cash Recycler Machine

Cash Recyclers have some features that help banks with everything from establishing and enabling more robust internal controls around cash handling, to employing advanced security features that help take away the burden of security management from employees. Other features include:

Increased Transaction Rates

Lipi Data’s Cash Recyclers can easily facilitate this across your banking branches by speeding up cash deposits and withdrawals by quick, automated currency counting, verification, and cash preparation. These features fasten up individual transactions without compromising on accuracy or security.

Increased Automation

Lipi Data’s Cash Recycler Machine reduces the volume of idle cash into the network of your bank’s system. It eliminates manual cash counting, sorting, and verification tasks performed by each branch teller throughout their shift.

More Customer Time

Due to increased automation of basic cash handling tasks, tellers are easily able to focus on promoting other bank products. Tellers can now invest less time worrying about human error, thereby dedicating more time and attention to each customer interaction.

Streamlined Cash Management Devices

Due to ever-evolving technology, Cash Recycler Machines can reduce cash transit cycles and improve cash management. It easily connects with other cash devices as well as software at your banking branches. With this capability, recyclers can count, validate, and record cash levels per teller, reducing the time required and the number of employees involved in confirming accurate cash counts while automatically logging user interactions.

Customizable Cash Recycler Options

Cash Recycling Machines are available in a wide variety of integration options, such as Teller Cash Recyclers, Customer-focused Recyclers/ATMs, and centralized, back-office units.

Modern Security Features

Cash Recycler Machines in India also offer several security features, including a secure and safe way of storing money to cover transactions, which ultimately helps to reduce the need for armored car deliveries or trips to a central vault.

Increased Authentication

The Cash Recycler Machines in India are equipped with built-in banknote authentication to help protect your branches from incoming counterfeit currency.


A Cash Recycler Machine handles a number of important tasks -such as accepting and dispensing cash. It also stores your money securely while keeping an accurate accounting of cash on hand, and easily automates the cash cycle.
A Cash Recycler machine allows you to deposit cash versus an ATM where you can only withdraw cash. Just as cash withdrawal at an ATM reflects in your account balance, cash deposit also takes place in real-time, where the transaction reflects in your bank account immediately.
In a Cash Recycler Machine or CRM, banknotes are first placed into a feeder when a person is depositing cash. It is then passed through a bill identifier to determine the denomination and to check the validity of the banknotes. Validity is done to identify whether the note is a counterfeit currency or not. For this, CRMs in India have RBI supported note identification protocols and mechanisms. The recycled notes are then automatically stored in separate cassettes in the machines for dispensing to the customers.

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