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The Future of Tellers

Banking is one of the most rigid and heavily regulated sectors. It involves complex procedures and detailed documentation. But not anymore. Technological advancements have enabled easy banking. Customers are no longer bound to visit a designated bank branch to undertake minor transactions. The cash deposit kiosk has enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring deposit facilities are available based on customer convenience...

What is a Cash Deposit Machine?

A cash deposit machine (CDM) is a terminal that allows you to do a cash transaction like payment and deposit without visiting your bank's branch. Each successful deposit is credited immediately, and is undertaken keeping security at the core of each transaction.

Lipi Data, one of India's most renowned cash deposit machine manufacturers, increases your financial institution's service efficiency by deploying kiosks for cash deposit and payment. You can deposit money round the clock, enabling your institution to be serving its customers beyond regular working hours.

With the advent of ATMs and increased usage of debit cards, cash withdrawal was made easy. Customers did not have to rush to their banks to withdraw from their accounts. Similarly, installing a cash deposit kiosk reduces the burden on the bank and improves its employees' efficiency. Now, you don't have to wait in queues to deposit your cash.

Benefits of a Cash Deposit Kiosk

Today nobody has the time nor patience to wait in long lines to collect a payment or deposit cash. Automated cash deposit kiosks give an edge over regular teller cash transactions by delivering the same functionality at an improved price point. Following are the advantages of installing a cash deposit machine:

Increased speed

Counting cash is a tedious task and is also prone to errors. Cash deposit machines sort currency notes quickly and securely. It saves your employees' efforts and allows them to focus more on newer revenue-generating opportunities.

Reduced costs

To ensure customer loyalty, routine transactions are essential but expensive. A Cash deposit kiosk enables your institution to deliver the same functionality whilst ensuring you can optimise on allocating human resources.

Reduced risk

Detection of counterfeit notes is difficult manually these days. But the cash deposit kiosk has inbuilt technology that detects such suspects' notes quickly and rejects them. These kiosks can systematically store up to 4500 notes. The use of such cash deposit kiosks also eliminates discrepancies that come about at the point of reconciliation.

Better access to cash

A cash deposit kiosk reduces the cost of cash handling and enables financial institutions to redeploy the collected cash in a more streamlined, safe, and efficient manner.

Real-time management of cash

The machine allows the appropriate monitoring of cash levels in the device. When money is deposited, reconciliation reports can be made available immediately. This transparency is critical for management and clients alike.

Features of Lipi Data Cash Deposit Kiosk

Lipi Data has one of the country's broadest kiosk portfolios, making it the best for your organization. Our software helps your banks mitigate risks and improve the efficiency of your staff significantly. Just like the ATM, a cash deposit machine makes the deposition process much quicker. It securely links your customer's digital footprint and enables real-time cash deposit transactions.

Being a supplier of the ATM and cash deposit kiosks, our company has the following features:

  • Our products are integrated with the bank's CBS to allow real-time transactions.
  • Our CDM has a host of physical and network-related security features, ensuring end-to-end security.
  • We offer flexibility in design and cost, keeping in mind the needs of different organisations. The kiosk footprint can be according to your specific order.
  • They have a comfortable and intuitive interface, ensuring that no external intervention is needed at the time of a routine transaction.

Facilitating both clients and banks, Lipi Data is a supplier of your industries' best products. With instant credit at any time of the week, our CDM has several other features. It provides its user with 24/7 accessibility and offers the benefits of saving time for routine transactions.

Along with being a certified company, all our rights are reserved. As the suppliers of the best products and kiosks, our design and development team combines their most adequate efforts to create terminals best suit your business needs. To avail of the best quality products, place your order with us now.

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