ATM Cash Dispenser

ATMs: Delivering Convenience

Automated Teller Machines have played a key role in redefining branch transformation globally. World over, ATMS Cash Dispensers have turned into an efficient and effective channel in ensuring customers can bank at their convenience.

In the Indian Landscape, we at Lipi Data have always strived to design indigenously designed, purpose-built self-service terminals to ensure banking institutions’ can provide their customers with a safe, dependable transaction medium.

Lipi’s ATM Cash Dispenser has been designed keeping the myriad of complexities in mind whilst deploying terminals across the varied Indian landscape. Our versatile, intuitive, yet highly secure terminals enable banking establishments in the subcontinent to better utilize automation to ensure that your customers have complete control of their transactions...

Through our ATM Cash Dispenser, financial institutions have created a secure and assistant-free channel beyond traditional banking hours. These terminals can deliver flexible usability to your customer while maintaining physical customer engagement. Be it the deserts of Rajasthan or the Mountains of Kashmir; our terminals can deliver your customer with the same seamless experience time and again.

There are several ATM manufacturers in India; however, Lipi Data is an industry leader when it comes to reliability and trust. The company's state-of-art design and robust manufacturing facilities make for an unbeatable combination.

Key Features Of The Cash Dispenser Machine

The critical features of the ATM cash dispenser include:

  • Transfer of funds between linked bank accounts
  • Receiving balance details on the account
  • Print of recent transactions list
  • Customizing user's pin-based password
  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Perform a range of banking features in the user's native language

Reasons To Choose Lipi Data As An ATM Manufacturer In India

Our simple, interactive, yet highly durable terminals allow customer engagement to be pushed to new limits. Lipi Data is one of the most trusted ATM manufacturers in India. The cash dispenser machine manufactured by the company is security compliant with all major global certifications, tests, and standards.

Lipi's emphasis on co-creation through a collaborative approach not only helps us to design unique products but also leads to excellent customer service. Our custom monitoring applications, coupled with actual ground knowledge, enable us to commit to some of the most challenging service response criteria seen globally.

Over the years, our team of over 600 professional engineers has ensured that our client's business never halts due to machine glitches.

Lipi's state-of-the-art design & manufacturing facilities and its robust service network -spread over 200 locations across India are unparalleled. The end-to-end control of this entire chain makes it possible to provide our customers with various deployment options, allowing you to give your customers what truly fits their needs.

The company has emerged as one of India's foremost ATM suppliers, with over three decades of experience designing indigenous IT products. Along with ATMs, the Design and Development team at Lipi Data has contributed to furthering India's financial inclusion program by developing solutions to solve unique challenges present in the subcontinent.

One such example is Lipi Data's Passbook Printing Terminals that virtually eliminated the need for a dedicated resource at every banking branch across the country. This innovation, along with the successful implementation of our Cash Deposit and Cheque Deposit Terminals within the banking sector, has drastically transformed branch-level banking across the nation.

Like our Cash dispensers, all our branch transformation solutions come factory-integrated with globally compliant security features that allow data transfer in a highly secure and reliable manner.

These variants can also be easily integrated with our monitoring solutions to ensure some of the highest up-time levels allowing Lipi data to emerge as one of the foremost ATM manufacturers and solution providers in India.

Our solutions help create a new benchmark in customer satisfaction by delivering services through a versatile and secure channel, ensuring that banks can use technology to reduce operational expenses while keeping physical customer contact in this era of accelerated Digital acceptance.


An Automated Teller Machine or ATM is a computerized machine that provides the customers with banking facilities to access their accounts for dispensing cash and carry out other financial transactions without actually visiting a bank branch.
In addition to cash dispensing, ATMs may have many services/facilities such as account information, mini or short statements etc. The services offered may vary depending on the capacity of the machine to provide such services.
Automated Teller Machines, popularly referred to as ATMs, are among the most valuable advancements in the banking sector. ATMs allow banking customers to avail quick self-serviced transactions, such as cash withdrawal, deposit, and fund transfers.

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