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Keeping convenience and innovation at its helm, Lipi Data has transformed the nation with indigenously designed technologies to further the reach of financial institutions. Lipi Data’s focus on developing one of the broadest self-service terminal portfolios has allowed Banks to divert a large number of their routine transactions to automated channels. Kiosks, as physical endpoints, enable banks to reimagine branch operations, leaving customers with the flexibility to bank however they want securely. Offering alternate solutions by leveraging integrated technologies such as Account Opening Kiosks, Lipi Data has positioned itself uniquely as a valued stakeholder in several branch transformation programs. The Account Opening Kiosk machines provide functional support as well as the flexibility to perform a variety of assisted teller transactions freeing human resources to focus on more profitable transactions...

Account Opening Kiosks in India have helped financially disenfranchised and unbanked sections of society that lack the privilege of physical access to banks for multiple queries. Lipi Data has therefore been able to establish itself as an industry leader among kiosk banking manufacturers and participate in the broader transformation occurring at a branch level across the subcontinent. Several crucial banking industry players across the country are welcoming and switching to Account Opening Machines for better ways of hassle-free banking.

Why choose Lipi Data for Account Opening Kiosks in India

The adoption of disruptive technology across all financial sectors in India has allowed for banking facilities to be accessible to every individual at every place. With our indigenously designed product range, including our Account Opening Kiosk, we at Lipi Data take pride in contributing to these large conversions and conversations within the banking industry. Now, thanks in part to Lipi Data, anyone can experience effortless banking to facilitate accounts opening in a matter of minutes.

Lipi Data’s Account Opening Kiosks incorporate many features that benefit the customer in several ways. As a pioneering Account Opening Kiosk manufacturer, we offer technology alternatives that are better suited to customer needs when it comes to accessing their account remotely, without a formal or physical visit to brick and mortar bank branches.

Key Features of the Account Opening Machine

Lipi Data is one of the only Account Opening Kiosk manufacturers capable of creating custom terminals that focus on delivering solutions distinctive to your organization. We are aware that a one fits all model may not work in this environment. As a result, we have been incorporating and improving our technology consistently to create solutions most suited to your institution and customers. Our Account Opening terminal functionality includes:

  • Instant account opening
  • Instant card issuance with embossing
  • Directly connect to bank’s CBS, Switch, card issuance system
  • HD face-camera
  • Digital signature pad
  • Inbuilt speaker for voice guidance
  • Bio finger scanner
  • Stainless steel metal keyboard

Our industry-specific account opening kiosks

Many financial institutions adopt digital methods to optimize the productivity of their workforce. Lipi Data has successfully designed and delivered industry-specific solutions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in financial institutions. Our Account Opening Kiosks are compatible with SSL/TLS endpoint security standards. They can also communicate with CBS using the standard ISO protocols or any number of customized formats.


The Account Opening Kiosk has entirely changed old and bulky operational methods for end-users with better and hassle-free account opening facilities. Customers can now opt-out of slow account opening procedures and finish all their digital “paperwork” as well as transactions in a matter of minutes.
Kiosk Banking is a step forward by the banking industry to change old financial set-ups through an innovative and digitised system. Kiosk Banking is an emerging technological trend bridging the physical and digital world. It enables your customer to continue to interact with physical endpoints while keeping costs down.
The Account Opening Kiosk has aided many customers with opening and operating their account instantly. Customers are free to open their desired account by recording their biometric data as well as capturing their self-image. All the necessary details and required documents are then forwarded to the respective banks to close the process remotely. Once the account has been activated, the customer can freely operate their account and fetch any requisite details.

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