Line Matrix Printers

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Lipi offers high-speed heavy-duty Line Matrix Printers with world-proven technology. These printers are known for their durability, reliability and very low printing costs. Our printers now also offer ‘multi-lingual printing’ in different Indian languages, with speed range from 500 to 2000 lines per minute.

Lipi 6805

500 LPM Line Matrix Printer

Lipi 6810

1000 LPM Line Matrix Printer

Lipi 6815

1500 LPM Line Matrix Printer

Lipi 6820

2000 LPM Line Matrix Printer

Printronix P8003H

Open Print Printer with 36" Per Minute Speed

Printronix P8000H

Open Print Printer with 64" Per Minute Speed

Printronix P8200HD

Open Print Printer with 79" Per Minute Speed

Printronix P8005ZT

Zero Tear 500lpm Line Matrix Printer

Printronix P8010ZT

Zero Tear 1000lpm Line Matrix Printer